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Fresh Vegetables & exotics

Our fresh Exotic vegetables range include Sugar snaps, snow peas (Mangetout), Fine beans(green beans), Super&Extra fine beans (Harivort verts)


fresh fruits

Our fresh fruits include Avocados (Hass & Fuerte), Mangoes (Apple, Kent, Tommy) Passion (Purple), Pineapples, Pawpaw and custard apple

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local asian vegetables

Our Fresh Asian Veg.products include Okra, Ravaya, Aubergines, Chilli (hot), Dudhi, drumstick, curry leaves

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Kenyan black & specialty teas

Our Tea range include -Black CTC and black Orthodox. The specialty teas include Green/ White/ purple (newest medicinal) Tea

fresh cut flowers

Our Fresh cut Flowers product range include Roses, carnations and summer flowers.

kenyan kikoy products & others

Our Kikoy products range include Kikoy wraps/ Sarongs,scarfs,beach towels, beach shorts, beach bags and kikoy accessories including earings, sunvisor, sandals, bikinis, hair accesories/ tie bands and many more.